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With services that sell backlinks, generating high-quality backlinks is just a matter of money. But how sure are you that from the hundreds/thousands of backlinks that you have, each one is actually serving the purpose? Over time, you may have naturally formed backlinks- but how many of those are actually valid. In situations like these, a tool like Raritysoft Backlink Checker is what you can count on. Free to use, easy to setup and highly efficient, Raritysoft Backlink Checker allows you to check thousands of backlinks in just a few clicks. All you have to do is place all backlinks in a text file, with one link per line; and then have all your websites URLs in a separate text file with the same format. This is all that Raritysoft Backlink Checker needs to ensure that every backlink that you have is serving the purpose. The results that Raritysoft Backlink Checker gives contain information about the text with the link, its type, status as well as the HTTP code. You can sort the results by any of these parameters, export them to a specified location and save them either as a text file or in the CSV format. The tool is very easy to use, does not come with any obligations and is highly effective when it comes to checking backlinks with utmost precision. Thus, for getting maximum visitors and ensuring that your SEO efforts are bearing fruit- Raritysoft Backlink Checker is a tool that you simply cannot afford to miss!

Raritysoft Backlink Checker
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Fixed some bugs, optimized performance
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Win 10/8/7/Vista/XP
Raritysoft Backlink Checker can be freely distributed over the internet in an unchaged form.
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